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The CAHM Collective

Vetiver Gold Incense Cones

Vetiver Gold Incense Cones

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Allow the influence of daily stresses to melt away as you breathe in the dark, glamorous scent of one of the Vetiver Gold Incense Cones. As you relax into the fragrance, notice your heightened senses and increased creativity as each breath creates its own life within you.

Sweet and deep, the Vetiver Gold Incense Cones release a fragrance with a complex mix of earthy, leathery and smoky undertones with a fresh burst of citrus. Perfect to complement yoga and meditation practices or to cover unwanted scents, the incense cones are larger than average and give a strong punchy fragrance.

All of our incense cones are hand-rolled in India, sourced ethically from productions with fair-trade policy that ensures a living wage for the workers. Ethics and sustainability are core values for The CAHM Collective, and we only use recycled or recyclable materials across our entire luxury fragrance range.

How to Use Incense Cones: Light the tip of the incense cone with a match, lighter or taper, then blow out the flame. Allow the incense cone to smoulder, releasing the infused smoke filled with the gorgeous scent.

Incense Features:
  • Box of 50 cones
  • 25mm high
  • Hand-rolled in India
  • Ethically sourced from manufacturers with a fair-trade policy
  • Workers are paid a living wage
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Plastic-free
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