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About Us

CAHM is an independent business based in West Yorkshire.

Founded in 2020 on our kitchen table mid-lockdown, CAHM is now stocked in gift shops and garden centres UK-wide, with a loyal community following.

Products are hand-made by a small team of dedicated and passionate people, ensuring the quality and design we have become known for is retained.

Our mission is to spread a positive mental-health message through beautiful design-led gift.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Amy x

- Take CARE of your mind and body and provide yourself with the time and headspace to do so​

- Be AWARE that everyone needs a little down time - dream big but don't burn out

​- HOLD close only those people who enrich your life and bring you joy​

- Be MINDFUL that we cannot control the way other people behave - we can only control the way we ourselves react