A Little About CAHM...

We were born from a love of the simple luxury of lighting a candle at the end of day to relieve the stresses of working modern life, and a desire to share pure and ethically sourced fragrances with the world.

Handcrafted in our small workshop in Horsforth, Leeds - CAHM candles are hand-poured, cruelty free, vegan and ethically sourced from our fragrance down to our packaging.

The CAHM brand was founded on three key principals:


Everything we produce is re-usable or recyclable, including our product packaging. 


Open and honest transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We are always open to a conversation. 


We love bringing people together - be that a closer relationship down to giving a thoughtful gift, or making new friends through one of our interactive workshops. Everything is better when shared. 

Giving Back

Our worldwide adventures started on a trip to East Africa in the summer of 2009. Thrown into a group of nearly perfect strangers, we learnt the meaning of friendship, community, and selflessness. 

We worked alongside the amazing charity Soft Power Education, building primary schools in Uganda to give children a better start in life. 

We watched children as young as 4 walk miles each day to get to school and back. We watched women carry gallons of water on their heads to provide for their families, and we experienced the overwhelming kindness and selflessness of the Ugandan people. 

We promised ourselves that one day, we'd do something to both honour the experiences we had, the lessons we had learned to and share the message of Soft Power Education.

Life is a funny old journey and takes each one of us through ups and downs.

Mental health is a topic very close to our hearts and we are passionate believers in the old saying "a problem shared is a problem halved". We aim to bring people together through open discussion and communication, and to make sure no-one ever feels like they are truly alone, whatever the problem is they face. We are ever-grateful to Bipolar UK for their support throughout turbulent times and celebrate the important work they do.

After a decade-long corporate career, and an epiphany that there is more to life than 'this', we embarked on a project in 2020 to keep that promise we made to ourselves in 2009. 

The CAHM Collective was born. 

A percentage of our profits are donated and split equally between Bipolar UK and Soft Power Education. With every purchase you are making a difference. Thank you. 

Amy x