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Peony, Rose and Oud Candle - Amber Jar

Peony, Rose and Oud Candle - Amber Jar

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Become aware of your presence, breathing deeply through your nose and out through your mouth as you feel the space around you, the power of the now. With each breath, allow the soft floral scent of our Peony, Rose and Oud candle to enhance the meditative calm of this practice, helping to improve your focus and provide a familiar base.

Perfect for meditation, ambience or as a part of your self care ritual, our Peony, Rose and Oud candle adds an extra dimension of luxury to any moment. The natural, cruelty-free soy wax is hand-poured into the amber jar, which provides a lovely warm glow from the flame.

Top Notes: Damask Rose, Peony

Middle Notes: Clove, Amber

Base Notes: Vanilla, Agarwood

The CAHM Collective has been created with a goal to help increase mental well being through encouraging beauty in the everyday moments. We also make sure to put sustainability and ethics at the core of everything we do, using only sustainably-sourced and environmentally friendly materials throughout our products, packaging and distribution.

This lovely scent is part of the range of amber jar candles in our curated luxury fragrance collection. To take advantage of combined shipping offers, simply select your favourite fragrance items and add to the cart.

Candle Features:
  • Pure natural soy wax
  • 25 hours burn time
  • Candle volume: 150g
  • Amber glass jar perfect for re-use / fully recyclable
  • Aluminium lid
  • All packaging made from recycled material
  • Fully recyclable and plastic free

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