International Women's Day


IWD 2024

On International Women's Day 2024, and for the remainder of March, we are celebrating some of the fabulous female founders whom we are lucky enough to call friends.

Make yourself a cup of something hot, and enjoy reading about these incredible, talented and supportive women.

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Amy x

About CAHM

Michelle Dodds

Bean & Bemble

Luxury inspirational homeware, kitchen and dining accessories, bags, gifts, greeting cards and stationery


Michelle Dodds combines precise digital graphics with intricate hand-drawn illustrations to create colourful, vibrant, uplifting designs. These captivating patterns and motifs adorn a range of practical household products, stationery, and delightful gifts, perfectly blending beauty with functionality.

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Katie Lovery

Little Lovers

Little Lovers was founded by Kate Lovery, a life-long collector of vintage ceramics.

Kate wanted to create a range of handcrafted jewellery that was stylish, but not fast fashion and wouldn't contribute to plastic landfill.  Natural clay is a beautiful, versatile material and the perfect backdrop to Kate's hand painted designs with real gold and platinum finishes.

Each piece is handmade from start to finish and small-batch production means designs are limited edition.

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The Silicone Straw Company

The Silicone Straw Company was founded by Charlotte, a female engineer who is passionate about the environment.

The Silicone Straw Company is the first to manufacture reusable straws in the UK and has recently been featured by the BBCs good food guide. If you hate soggy paper straws then take a look at Charlottes straws at for more information.

You can take 15% off until the 31st of March with the code IWD2024

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Tory Fox-Hill

Fox & Moon

"There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true."

Planners have always been a huge part of my life and even more so for the past 8 years of running my own stationery business Fox & Moon. But now the time has come to focus my planning on other business goals (The Leeds Deli & Little Leeds to name two!) and it's time to say goodbye to my original business baby.

With so much respect to every woman running their own business - it is not to be underestimated the amount of grit and determination it takes and I'm proud of us all for that!

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Little Roglets

Little Roglets was founded by artist Lex, who captures the magic of special milestones through greeting cards, gifts, early learning resources and children’s decor. 

With hand-painted characters and heart felt greetings, Little Roglets considers every stage of the journey to becoming a family. By acknowledging that everyone’s path looks a little different, Lex has thoughtfully created an inclusive collection.‘’I have so much respect for other female founders - as like my motto says - it really isn’t a linear journey.

Lots of love xx

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Anne Richardson

Fig & Rose Home

Anne founded Fig and Rose in 2021, a Yorkshire based lifestyle business offering a range of metal art and country inspired gifts for the garden and home. This was a drastic change, from a career in public affairs leading a team and making waves in Westminster!

A country girl by heart and inspired by nature and animals, Anne's aim is to put a modern twist on traditional cottage garden themes and country home looks. Fig & Rose home have appeared in Countryfile magazine and have a growing reputation and profile across the North.

The business has grown from strength to strength, launching this year a new range of garden planters, supports, arches and obelisks made in the UK.

You can follow our journey @figandrosehome

Running a business is tough - but woman are tough, and it’s an honour to celebrate this important day in such inspiring company.

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Boudoir By Lumiere

“A woman should be two things; who & what she wants”

You see the image.. you think “I could never”. Wrong. You absolutely can, and you absolutely should!

As a 30-something female, I grew up with THE most toxic ideas and opinions around the female form. Celebs being bashed for not “bouncing-back” post-baby, magazines highlighting someone’s cellulite & splashing it over the front page. It was hideous and it’s damaged us all. And now I’m on a mission to change the world, one empowerment photoshoot at a time. To give women their confidence back & help them love themselves (in the words of the iconic Bridget Jones)… just the way you are.

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Ruby Sagu


Devaiya Oils was founded by Ruby Sagu in 2015 after a car accident left her with a serious whiplash injury. She sought a natural alternative for her painful injury which led to the formulation of her best seller today Aches Away.

Several of her products are award winning including 'Best Hair Treat' and 'Best Nail Product'. After nearly a decade running her small business she know about the challenges of running a small business and the power of resilience.

To mark International Women's Day this year enjoy 15% off her full product range until the 31st of March with code IWD24

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Snuggle & Squish

I'm Adrienne, the face behind Snuggle and Squish. You can often find me knee-deep in fluffy yarn, running cosy creative workshops that specialise in giant chunky knits.

My journey into the world of crafting began during my maternity leave from my teaching career. It was a happy accident that led me to discover the joy of arm knitting and other crafts. I never could have imagined how much happiness and fulfilment it would bring me to teach others these skills. Every stitch and every smile along the way has been a reminder of just how lucky I am to do what I love.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I am offering 15% off my woolly wares with the code IWD2024

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Savannah Roqaa

The Savvy Baker

Hey everyone, it’s Savannah, also known as The Savvy Baker.

Now, let me take you on the fun journey of The Savvy Baker, which kicked off during the lockdown.

It all began with a simple idea: whipping up delicious brownies and getting them delivered right to the doorsteps of my friends and family. What started in my tiny flat quickly turned into something amazing – we’re now rocking it with our own bakery and café, all thanks to our incredible team!

Lovingly baked in Leeds, our brownies are like little boxes of joy, concocted from recipes that are all about spreading happiness.

Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a surprise for someone special, our brownies, delivered right to your door, are here to make your day a little brighter.

Big love,
Sav x

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Oir Soap

Oir was founded by Jolene Roberts, who is passionate about creating luxury eco-friendly cosmetics.

At Oir we want to encourage people to make conscious eco-friendly switches away from chemical heavy products in plastic containers, but don’t believe we need to compromise on quality, or aesthetics.

Our multi-award winning hand and body soaps make it easy to switch the bottle for a bar, while leaving your skin super moisturised. And our luxurious lip balms keep your lips gloriously soft, whatever the weather. And, all our products look pretty too, which let’s face it, is also important!

We’re offering a 15% discount off any purchase until the end of March with the code IWD2024

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Samantha Hoyle

Harmony Accounting

Harmony accounting was founded in July 2022 by Sam.

Her aim is to provide accountancy and financial management to female business owners without all the jargon and to take the stress out of keeping on top of the numbers, so you focus on the exciting things in your business and life.

I know how tough running a business can be as a mum to two wee girls and it is an honour to celebrate this amazing day with other amazing female business owners.

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Formation Co.

Formation Co. strives to provide everyday versatile jewellery with soul.

Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in East London, the range is designed to combine, layer, stack and curate your own unique look.

The collections are inspired by nature and the celestial, with a nod to timeless nostalgia – the perfect balance between individuality and minimalism.

You can take 15% off until the 31st of March with the code IWD2024

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Laura Miller

Concrete & Cacti

Concrete & Cacti is a North Yorkshire based studio specialising in handcrafted concrete planters, home decor, easy care houseplants & botanical gifts.

You can take 15% off until the 31st of March with the code IWD2024

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Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor Design

Charlie Taylor is a print designer and artist based in Saltaire UK.

Combining her background in textile design with various artistic techniques, Charlie creates unique and eclectic designs for fashion and the home. She takes inspiration from English botanical gardens and visits to sunny tropical islands, producing prints that are vibrant, colourful and full of texture.

As a special treat for International Women's Day you can take 15% off her print shop this weekend with code 'IWD2024' and bring a dose of sunshine to your walls.

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Natalie Alexander

Mifkins World

Welcome to Mifkins World. Beautiful, inclusive, luxury greeting cards with a focus on providing a high quality children’s range, all printed in the UK on FSC certified card.

Mifkins design ethos is what we all want for our kids: aspirational, kind, inclusive and full of creative self-expression.

Founder Natalie creates a world of wonder through hand drawn Mifkins children’s characters and designs that break stereotypes and promote empathetic messages for the youngest generation.

You’ll discover award-winning collections that challenge traditional roles in fairy stories, diverse worlds full of imagination and confidence building characters that create belonging.

You may meet a princess riding a dragon, a little boy fairy or gender-neutral astronauts on your Mifkins journey! Mifkins is proud to challenge normative tropes seen in celebrations and milestone markers throughout childhood.

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Becca Macdonald

Becca Macdonald Studio

Becca Macdonald is a jeweller painting with silver, hosting silver clay jewellery making workshops and bringing you the fingerprint jewellery created in your hands and finished in hers with the Personal Touch Jewellery Crafting Kits.

Her unique "Brushstrokes' jewellery collection captures a stroke of silver straight from the paintbrush, in distinctive designs and pieces of wearable art. The Personal Touch Jewellery Crafting Kits are the fingerprint jewellery created in your hands and finished in hers. Celebrate life milestones with a personal touch and create precious fingerprint jewellery from the comfort of home. 

In celebration of International Women's Day, Becca is offering an exclusive 10% off her online shop until the end of March with code IWD2024

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Jessica Hogarth

Jessica Hogarth Design

Jessica Hogarth is an illustrator based in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

After spending over 10 years focusing on wholesaling her products to shops around the world, she is now realising her dream of running a gift shop.

The outlet is located in Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, where she grew up. As well as running the shop full time she continues to retail online direct to customer and licenses her artwork for larger product ranges.

Her illustrations are striking and unique which has allowed her to build a personal and recognisable body of work. 

Follow her on Instagram @jessicahogarth and @jessicahogarthshop

You can take 15% off her Etsy shop until the 31st of March with the code IWD2024

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Lily Sinclair-Williams

LSW London

LSW London was founded by Lili Sinclair-Williams in 2018.

Using her expertise as a therapist, she wanted to create wellbeing tools that were easy to use and accessible for everyone.

Focusing on positive habits we repeat daily, Lili curated her favourite techniques into our first product - LSW Mind Cards. 

Today, we have a full range of wellbeing and mindfulness products selling around the world.

Use the code IWD2024 for a 15% discount on all products

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