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CAHM Reed Diffuser Refill 150ml

CAHM Reed Diffuser Refill 150ml

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Fresh Bunny Tails?

Enjoy your CAHM reed diffuser for even longer by topping up your custom glass bottle with one of our reed diffuser refills. Choose the same fragrance, or opt for a new experience with any of our luxury scents, all of which are artfully created from premium fragrance oils to provide a natural, long lasting fragrance.

These reed diffuser refills contain 150ml, which is enough to fill up an empty custom CAHM glass vessel plus extra to keep your diffuser topped up for longer. If you’re curious to try a new fragrance, have a read through the different Reed Diffusers that we have available to learn more about the fragrance notes. 

You can also add new bunny tails to your order in either black or white - simply select from the buttons above. The sustainably-sourced bunny tails are an original design by The CAHM Collective and add a lovely visual to the gorgeous scent. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the reed diffuser refills are supplied in an infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle with no packaging. In fact, we only ever use recycled, recyclable or reusable materials across our entire range of luxury fragrance

Reed Diffuser Refill Features:

  • 150ml premium fragrance oil
  • Aluminium Bottle
  • Plastic-free packaging
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